Environmental Health and Safety

Effective Date: 11/03/00

Policy Statement 6: Portable Fire Extinguishers


The University Environmental Health and Safety Office has the responsibility for the installation, inspection and maintenance of all campus portable fire extinguishers.


Extinguishers needing to be recharged due to use or pressure leakage will be scheduled for maintenance by the Environmental Health and Safety Office and charged to the responsible agency. Extinguishers will be thoroughly inspected annually by the Environmental Health and Safety Office, and hydrostatic testing scheduled at the appropriate interval as required by OSHANC regulations.


All extinguishers on campus will be checked monthly to see that they are properly charged and are at the assigned location.

New Buildings

The Environmental Health and Safety Office will review and determine the types and number of fire extinguishers required for new buildings. The purchase of fire extinguishers and fire hoses for new buildings will normally be funded from the movable equipment allocation of the Capital Improvements budget for the building. In the event that fire extinguishers are not included in the construction project, the building's using department must reserve sufficient funds in the movable equipment account to cover all costs of initial outfitting for fire extinguishers and fire hoses. The Environmental Health and Safety Office will designate the locations where extinguishers are to be installed and will also install the extinguishers.


Each department will be responsible for funding additional extinguishers required by changes in the type of occupancy (e.g., conversion of space from office to laboratory). The Environmental Health and Safety Office will determine the type and the locations, and will install the extinguishers.

New Installations and Relocations

All new purchases and relocation of any fire extinguishers are to be coordinated with the Environmental Health and Safety Office so that accurate records can be maintained in our office for required maintenance and inspection of all extinguishers.

Extinguisher Loss Due to Damage or Theft

It is the responsibility of the using department to institute security measures to prevent losses due to theft. The Environmental Health and Safety Office will replace missing extinguishers, billing them to the department responsible for the area.

Purchase of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers of most types and sizes that are used on campus are stocked in the Central Receiving Warehouse. All types of fire extinguishers are on State contract and should not be purchased from chemical companies or other suppliers. Contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office for details on how to requisition fire extinguishers. The Central Receiving Warehouse will not issue portable fire extinguishers except through the Environmental Health and Safety Office.