Environmental Health and Safety

Effective Date: 11/03/00

Policy Statement 8: Entrance, Exits, and Hallways


The University Environmental Health and Safety Office is responsible for inspecting facilities for compliance with the fire and building codes.


The University uses the North Carolina Building Code, Occupational Safety and Health Regulations and the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code as minimum standards to be attained. The State Department of Insurance may also impose requirements as a condition for providing insurance on campus buildings and equipment.


Storage of any kind, or use of laboratory or office equipment in hallways is not permitted unless approved by the Environmental Health and Safety Office. Normally, only water foundations, fire protection equipment, and safety equipment will be installed in hallways.

Permanently attached lockers, bulletin boards and display cabinets of non-combustible construction may be permitted in some locations, subject to approval of the Environmental Health and Safety Office. Transparent covers on bulletin boards and display cabinets must be safety glass or other non-splintering material.

Stairwells and Landings

Storage of materials on stairs, landings, corridors or under stairs is strictly forbidden. Items found in these locations will be removed.

Removal Procedures

Items found stored in the above locations must be removed. An initial advisory (written or verbal) is given to the owner of stored items. Following this advisory, a warning is posted in the area stating a time frame for removal. Items remaining after the deadline are removed by Moving Services, taken to Surplus Property Storage and removed from departmental inventories.


Fire doors separating stairwells from hallways and smoke partition doors are equipped with self-closing mechanisms or automatic release hold-open devices and must be maintained in working order. It is extremely important that these doors are not blocked open by wooden wedges or other devices.

All exit doors must be maintained to permit egress at all times. When two or more doors exist at an exit, all of the doors shall be free to operate when the building is open to the public.

Railings, Steps, Walks

The area immediately outside of building exits shall be maintained free of obstructions at all times.


Bicycles are not permitted in hallways, stairwells, lobbies or on sidewalks immediately adjacent to exits.