Environmental Health and Safety

Effective Date: 11/03/00

Policy Statement 9: Reporting Fires


For the purpose of this policy, fire is defined as the ignition of any material or substance which requires the use of a fire extinguisher or other significant effort to extinguish.

Reporting Fires

All fires should be reported to the Greenville Fire Department by dialing 911. If unable to contact the fire department call Campus Police. When reporting a fire give the dispatcher all the information asked for, and do not hang up until they tell you that is all the information they need.

Campus Police

Immediately after calling the fire department, the Campus Police should be notified that the fire department has been called. Do not hang up the phone until the dispatcher indicates that is all the information they need. The Police Department will respond to assist in traffic and evacuation control, if necessary.

Environmental Health and Safety

The Campus Police will notify the Environmental Health and Safety Office immediately of fire calls which occur during normal working hours, and on the next business day following incidents that occur at night or weekends. For incidents involving extensive property damage, suspected multiple injuries, or a suspected fatality, the following persons will be notified immediately:

Departmental Reporting Responsibility

All fire incidents which occur on University property or property leased by the University which result in property damage or personal injury must be reported to the Environmental Health and Safety Office. Even minor fires which may not require emergency assistance must be reported.

Follow-up Investigation/ Insurance Estimates

The Environmental Health and Safety Office investigates all fires involving University property or personnel. For fires resulting in substantial loss, a Fire Report is prepared for the Business Office and for the University department in which the fire occurred. This report includes:

Departmental Follow-up

The University department in which the fire occurs is responsible for the initiation of corrective action for fire safety discrepancies reported in the Fire Report.

Emergency Equipment

Fire alarm systems in campus buildings do not signal directly to the Greenville Fire Department, therefore the Fire Department must be notified by telephone when an alarm sounds. The Campus Police must be notified prior to conducting fire drills.

Fire extinguisher maintenance is provided by the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

See also: EHS Policy, Portable Fire Extinguishers