Facilities Services

Updated/Reviewed: 02/09/02

Policy Statement 10: Protection of Utility Lines and Service

Underground Utility Lines

Electric, steam, communications, gas, sewer, and water lines are buried underground throughout the Campus. At least forty-eight hours prior to any planned digging or excavation, Facilities Services is to be notified. Approval by Facilities Services shall be obtained prior to any excavation. The lines will be located and instructions issued as to the safeguards to be followed.

Electrical Circuit Capacity

Electrical load additions that require significant amounts of power shall be discussed in advance with Facilities Services to determine if capacity is available. In general, projects that exceed available capacity shall bear the cost of providing the additional capacity.

Emergency Power

Requests for connections to emergency power shall be submitted via a Work Order Request System.

HVAC Capacity

Electrical load additions create air conditioning loads that may exceed system capacity. Contact Facilities Services in advance to determine if capacity is available.