Facilities Services

Updated/Reviewed: 02/09/02

Policy Statement 11: New Building Construction and Acceptance


Facilities Engineering and Architectural Services is responsible for the coordination of aspects of new construction and major renovations funded by capital improvement funds. At the Design Development Stage, Facilities Engineering and Architectural Services assumes the responsibility for the development of construction documents through bidding, construction, and acceptance of the building. Facilities Engineering and Architectural Services manages all aspects of utility infrastructure projects, R&R projects, and all other projects valued at less than $500,000 including:

Key responsibilities include management and implementation of the University's utility infrastructure master plan and the Repair and Renovation Program. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance - Facilities has fiscal, operational, and budgetary responsibility for all capital projects.

Contractors' Utility Needs

Utility Connections

For new buildings, temporary electric service to meet the needs of the contractor is normally furnished through the Greenville Utilities Commission system directly to the contractor. This service is metered and billed to the contractor. In instances where conditions warrant provision of utility services by the University, the service shall also be billed to the contractor.


Final Acceptance Inspection

When the final acceptance inspection by the Office of State Construction through the Director of Facilities Engineering and Architectural Services or designee indicates that the building is acceptable for occupancy, the Facilities Service Center or Facilities Maintenance, Health Sciences Campus receives the keys furnished by the contractor in person or by registered mail. A master file for the keys is made in Facilities Services key shop, Main Campus (Building Trades, Health Sciences Campus), and keys are then furnished to the user personnel.

Operating Manuals

Facilities Services also receives operations and maintenance manuals furnished in accordance with specifications. These manuals are kept by Facilities Services.

Deficiencies After Occupancy

Deficiencies should be reported to the Facilities Service Center personnel.

Punch List

Prior to final inspection of the project, the Schedule of Work Failing to Conform to the Contract (commonly called "punch list") is prepared by the designer and sent to the contractor, with copies to the Director, Facilities Engineering and Architectural Services. The designer notifies the University when the punch list is complete according to the contract, and a final inspection can be scheduled.

First-Year Review

Near the end of the first year of the occupancy of a new facility (approximately eleven months after acceptance), the Director, Facilities Engineering and Architectural Services, will contact the Dean or Department Head of the using Department, requesting a report on the facility. This report is limited to apparent contractor-related deficiencies and malfunctions in the building or in contractor-installed equipment, such items being subject to contractor warranty. This report should not include items requiring maintenance, repair, or routine adjustments, and shall not be concerned with desired changes to the design features of the facility.

Concurrently, Facilities Engineering and Architectural Services will arrange for the designer to conduct an inspection of the facility to which Facilities Services contracts. The occupants representative and the contractors will be invited. A determination is made as to contractor responsibility of any deficiencies noted. A report of the findings is then sent to Facilities Engineering and Architectural Services, with deficiencies separated and listed by contract category, i.e., general, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, etc. The responsible contractor will be contacted and requested to take corrective action in accordance with the terms of the warranty. It is emphasized that alterations or modifications to the facility as originally constructed and routine maintenance items cannot be requested of the contractors.


Operating manuals, maintenance manuals, and maintenance items required by the contract documents are provided to Facilities Services by the designer as soon as received from the contractors, preferably prior to occupancy of the building.


"As-Built" Drawings and Final Report

The designer provides as-built drawings and the final report to the University after building acceptance. These documents are forwarded to Facilities Services for permanent filing.