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Updated/Reviewed: 06/30/08

Policy Statement 21: Guidelines for Use of East Carolina University Campus as a Site for Commercial Photography, Film Making, and Videotaping

  1. University Approval:
    All commercial photography, filmmaking or videotaping on the campus of East Carolina University must be approved in advance in accordance with this Policy Statement by the Director of University Marketing. The University reserves the right to apply any or all of these requirements at any time to any photography, film-making or videotaping by any commercial or non-profit organization not directly affiliated with East Carolina University.

  2. Athletics Facilities:
    Use of Athletics facilities for commercial photography, filmmaking or videotaping is governed by separate policies and procedures established by the Athletics Department. Parties interested in the use of these facilities should coordinate their requests with the Associate Athletics Director for Special Projects.

  3. Production Considerations:
    A production will be considered in terms of its relationship to the education, research and public service missions of the university, its size, complexity, and the degree to which it may reasonably be anticipated to disrupt normal University operations. Where feasible, productions should be scheduled on weekends and during vacation periods. First consideration will be given to those productions which best support the University’s mission.

  4. University Evaluation:
    The University will carefully evaluate the extent to which the production might offer educational or other worthwhile experiences for ECU students. The University encourages the use of students as extras and production assistants for on-campus productions. The University also encourages representatives of production companies to make themselves available for classroom discussion of their work.

    A commercial production is generally defined as any scripted, non-news production.

  5. News and Media Productions.
    News and media crews are requested to coordinate all on campus activity through the ECU News Bureau.

  6. Filming Procedure:
    Anyone wishing to film on campus for commercial purposes must submit in writing detailed information about the proposed project describing:

    1. the nature/subject of the production;
    2. locations;
    3. dates and expected hours of shooting;
    4. number of people involved in each day’s shooting;
    5. type of activity to be filmed;
    6. list of equipment and vehicles used in connection with the filming;
    7. the number, size and composition of structures involved; and
    8. any additional information requested by the Director of University Marketing.. This information and a script must be submitted for review to the Director of University Marketing at least thirty (30) calendar days before the filming.

  7. Photography Procedure:
    A streamlined process will be applied to requests for still photo and simple video shoots. The following information concerning these projects must be submitted for consideration:
    1. client;
    2. purpose;
    3. desired location for shoot; and
    4. any additional information requested by the Director of University Marketing. This information must be submitted at least ten (10) calendar days in advance.

  8. Arrangements:
    The Director of University Marketing is responsible for all arrangements pertaining to a production on campus. All offices providing services that are involved, including parking, public safety, depend on this office to screen requests and make arrangements.

  9. Walk-Through:
    A walk-through of all proposed shooting locations must be conducted with an appropriate University representative at least 10 days in advance of the desired shoot. After locations are given tentative approval, the production company must take part in an initial meeting with representatives of all of the University departments involved.

  10. Liability:
    A commercial general liability insurance certificate with limits set by the University, naming East Carolina University and its employees and agents as additional insureds, must be filed with the Director of Marketing at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the first set-up day. In addition, if the production company has three or more employees, it must furnish proof of Worker’s Compensation insurance.

  11. Damage Deposit:
    The University reserves the right to require production companies to pay a damage deposit prior to the arrival of any production vehicles on campus. The damage deposit will be refunded in full when the shooting locations are inspected by University officials and found to be in satisfactory condition.

  12. Location Fee:
    Each production company will be charged a location fee that will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  13. Cost Reimbursement:
    All costs incurred by the university relating to a production will be reimbursed by the production company.

  14. Contractual Agreement:
    The University will consider a shoot approved when a contract has been signed. The contract must contain a hold-harmless clause approved by the University Attorney. ECU must have the client’s insurance certificate, damage deposit, and check for the full amount of location fee and other fees at least 48 hours before the first set-up begins. At that point, the conditions in the contract become operative.