Facilities Services

Updated/Reviewed: 02/09/02

Policy Statement 3: Emergency Repair Services

Definition of Emergency

Emergencies are defined as those problems requiring immediate action to restore or avoid interruption of such essential services as electricity, water, gas, heat, air conditioning, and plumbing; or to correct those conditions that are considered hazardous to personnel or students, equipment, and facilities. Restoration of utilities serving computer installations, the Student Health Services, laboratories, animal housing, and clinics are handled on an emergency basis.

Reporting During Normal Office Hours

Situations which appear to require immediate maintenance or repair attention to either prevent or resolve an emergency shall be reported by telephone to the Facilities Service Center at 328-6776 or Facilities Maintenance, Health Sciences Campus at 816-2251 during normal office hours.

Reporting After Normal Office Hours

At other times, telephone reports shall be made to the University Police Department (Main Campus, 328- 6787 and Health Sciences Campus, 816-2246) who will call in the appropriate Facilities Services on-call maintenance personnel. The telephone report shall include the person to be contacted and/or the person who can point out the problem.