Facilities Services

Updated/Reviewed: 02/09/02

Policy Statement 4: Requesting Services


Requests to Facilities Services for routine and/or minor repairs to utilities, buildings, and Facilities Services equipment shall be made directly to the Facilities Service Center by the on-line Work Order Request System, or by calling Facilities Services at 328-6776.


Each Department requesting services should appoint a specific individual(s) to report problems for the entire Department. This provides someone with whom Facilities Services personnel can coordinate to accomplish the work in an expeditious manner.

Specific Problem and Location

The specific location, including building and room number, name and telephone number of the individual to be contacted, and a brief description of the problem should be provided to help Facilities Services personnel come prepared to fix the problem in one visit.

Alterations and Renovations

Alterations and renovations work shall be requested on a Work Request P-101 form.

Budget Estimates

If budget planning information is needed to obtain funds or to determine if the requested alterations are feasible or cost effective, please indicate a "budget" estimate on a Work Request P-101 form. In this case, no detailed statement of the work will be provided, but the estimate can be expedited.

Cost Estimates

Cost estimates for alterations or renovations are provided without charge to any Department requesting them on the Work Request P-101 form. Cost estimates are intended to clarify the scope and cost of a project.