Facilities Services

Updated/Reviewed: 02/09/02

Policy Statement 7: Campus Signage

Traffic Signage

Facilities Services, in cooperation with the Department of Parking and Transportation Services, provides for maintenance of signs or other appropriate markers.

Main Campus Signage

Exterior signs used on the Main Campus to identify buildings, provide information, and/or directions are the responsibility of Facilities Services. The design shall conform to the official University Campus Sign Procedures.

Health Sciences Campus Signage

Exterior signs on the Health Sciences Campus shall conform to the design approved by University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina, unless signage to match existing is deemed necessary.

Building Interior Signage

All interior signage shall meet ADA guidelines and be approved by Facilities Services. No signage shall be affixed to the building without prior approval of Facilities Services. Facilities Services has fiscal responsibility for room numbers, general usage signs (rest rooms, etc.), and safety related signage. Specific Departmental usage (i.e., Dr. Pedagog or The Center for Applied Something) is the fiscal responsibility of the user.