Facilities Services

Updated/Reviewed: 02/09/02

Policy Statement 8: Key and Lock Service

Key File, Main Campus

Facilities Services is responsible for providing all key and lock maintenance and services for all University facilities excluding University Housing. Departments occupying University buildings are responsible for authorizing the issuance of keys provided for their use. Facilities Services maintains a master key file for each Campus and provides additional keys as requested.

Maintenance Access

Facilities Services provides keys for maintenance and building services personnel to perform their functions and is responsible for control of these keys.

Issuance, Controlled Duplication of Keys

The following policies and procedures apply to the issuance, control, and duplication of keys:

Master Keys

Master Key Policy

The integrity of any secure locking system is directly related to the degree of control exercised over the issuance of keys. Widespread and indiscriminate issue of master keys poses the greatest threat to the integrity of such systems. The following policy governs the issuance and control of the master keys.

Building Masters

These keys will be issued only to building coordinators designated by the Deans of various schools, Facilities Services maintenance supervisors, and the University Police Department.

Sub Masters

Sub masters may be issued to Department Heads only. Requests for such keys must be approved by the appropriate Dean.

Medeco Keys

Personnel authorized to possess master/Medeco keys must personally sign for keys at Facilities Service Center at Eppes. The key or keys will then be given to authorized personnel only.

Departmental Keys

Issuance and Control of Department Keys

Upon acceptance of a new building, the re-keying of an existing building, or reallocation of space to a Department, Facilities Services will issue individual door keys based on the key requirements identified by the occupying Department Heads and approved by their Dean. To insure future control of the keys, this initial issuance of keys will be made by utilizing the "East Carolina University Key Request Form."

Additional keys, that may be required after the initial issuance, shall be requested on a Key Request Form. Departments shall be charged a standard cost for each key requested.

Unauthorized possession or use of key may result in disciplinary action.

Keys for University locks shall not be reproduced or duplicated from commercial sources.

Lock Changes

Lock Changes

Requests for changes in locks shall be requested via the Work Order Request System through the Department Head and Dean of the School. Changes in locks require the approval of the Department Head and Dean of the School.

Unapproved Locks

All building locks shall meet the approved building fire code specifications. All unauthorized lock installations shall be removed and corrective security measures taken at Departmental expense. This procedure is necessary in order to maximize the security of University buildings, to eliminate fire code violations, and to minimize the difficulties and confusion of access to the buildings.

Maintenance Replacement Charges

Departments shall be charged for non-maintenance related changes to locks.

Defective, inoperable, and broken locks shall be repaired or replaced by Facilities Services without charge to the occupying activity. When such locks are replaced or repaired, they shall be set up for operation on the existing key.

Miscellaneous Locks


Padlocks shall not be used on any exterior or interior building doors. Departments may not use padlocks except on storage room doors designated specifically for padlock use. Padlocks for Departmental use shall be purchased from Departmental funds.

Desk Locks and Filing Cabinet Locks

The flat rate for desk locks or filing cabinet lock service is $25 (new lock or lock-picking services).

Automobile Locks

Automobile locks are not a service function available at East Carolina University.

Emergency Service

Emergency key service is available between the hours of 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday, at the Facilities Service Center at Eppes and at the Operations and Maintenance Department office, Brody GS-102 on the Health Sciences Campus. At other times, contact University Police Department.


Charges for Additional Keys

Additional pass key - $2/key

Additional submaster, master
Medeco and Abloy patented systems - $10/key