Facilities Services

Updated/Reviewed: 02/09/02

Policy Statement 9: Departmental Equipment Installations

Work Requirements for Installing Special Equipment

The installation of special equipment ordered by a requesting Department or activity for laboratories, offices, or classrooms usually require work by Facilities Services. This may involve utility connections such as electricity, drainage, venting, heating, cooling, humidity, other environmental factor control, or special controls peculiar to the particular equipment operation. Location with respect to existing and/or required operational needs, physical space, and access to the area involved also must receive early consideration and coordination.

Verifying Operational Characteristics

When the purchase of such special equipment is contemplated by a Department or activity, Facilities Services shall be contacted to verify that the operational characteristics of the equipment to be ordered are compatible with existing utilities in the building or can be reasonably provided. Any other limitations shall be reconciled prior to equipment being ordered. Any installation work to be provided by Facilities Services such as special wiring connections, ducts, and vents shall be determined at this time.

Advance Notice

Please notify Facilities Services of the expected delivery date and required operational date to facilitate scheduling of installation. Advance notification will assist Facilities Services with timely scheduling and will prevent undue delays in placing the equipment in service.

Cost of Equipment Installation

The cost of installation of equipment shall be the responsibility of the Department ordering the equipment. A request for equipment installation shall be submitted to Facilities Services on a Work Request P-101 form prior to arrival of equipment. For the Health Sciences Campus, submit a work order with the account number to be charged for the work.