Facilities Services

Updated/Reviewed: 04/17/03


Section Contents

Introduction Statements

  1. Facilities Services

  2. Organization

Policy Statements

  1. General Information

  2. Funding for Facilities Services

  3. Emergency Repair Service

  4. Requesting Services

  5. Buying Service with Departmental Funds

  6. Heating, Cooling, and Other Energy Systems

  7. Campus Signage

  8. Key and Lock Service

  9. Departmental Equipment Installations

  10. Protection of Utility Lines and Service

  11. New Building Construction and Acceptance

  12. Tool and Equipment Policy

  13. State Funded Projects

  14. Occupying New Buildings

  15. Buildings/Equipment Warranty Period

  16. Document and Information Service

  17. Security Responsibilities

  18. Housekeeping Coverage for Special Events

  19. Pest Control Service

  20. Use of University Outside Facilities by Non-University Affiliated Organizations

  21. Guidelines for Use of East Carolina University Campus as a Site for Commercial Photography, Film Making, and Videotaping

  22. Changing Air Filters on Main Campus