Facilities Services

Updated/Reviewed: 05/13/02

Policy Statement 1: General Information

Advance Notice

To better serve your needs in an efficient manner, customers should advise Facilities Services as far in advance as possible especially regarding needs that will require major planning and resources.

Planning for capital fund utilization usually requires two years advance notice. The capital approval and construction process, on the average, requires one year from funding approval to start of construction due to State mandated procedures and submittal deadlines.

Modifications, University Buildings and Grounds

Any modification, renovation, alteration, repair, or change to, University buildings or grounds shall be done through Facilities Services. This includes any connections made to utility systems (water, sewer, electrical, gas, or steam). This policy has been established to avoid the creation of unsafe or hazardous conditions, to avoid developing future maintenance problems, and to assure compliance with State of North Carolina statutory requirements.

All construction, repair, or renovation contracted services shall be handled by or have the prior written approval of Facilities Services.

Public Utility Companies

All communications with public utility companies shall be conducted through Facilities Services.

Plans and Specifications for Contracting

Detailed plans and specifications shall be developed for all projects placed for competitive bids with outside contractors. Outside design firms will be retained at requestors expense to develop plans and specifications, if required.

Loan of Equipment and Tools

Facilities Services does not loan equipment or tools. Any exceptions require written authorization of the Executive Director, Facilities Services (Main Campus) or the Director, Facilities Maintenance (Health Sciences Campus). No State owned equipment or tools may be loaned to personnel off campus.


Bulletin boards are located throughout Campus for posting notices of meetings and other material. Posting notices on walls, doors, windows, trees, wooden posts, transformers, or lampposts is prohibited. Posting damages paint and other surfaces. Facilities Services personnel are authorized to remove improperly posted notices and signs. See Posting, Sales, and Solicitation Policies

Antennas on Buildings or Grounds

To protect roofs and building structures, antenna installation is strictly limited. Outside agencies are requested to enter a lease or other written agreement and bear all expenses, including initial expenses, continued maintenance expenses, and utility expenses, for antennas and associated equipment. Any University Department wishing to install an antenna on a University building must have approval in writing from the Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance - Facilities and the Head of the Department having primary use of the building. Request for installation of an antenna must be on a Work Request P-101 form.

Remote Alarm Systems

Installation of an alarm system of any type requires the prior written approval of Facilities Services. Facilities Services shall be responsible for assuring proper installation of the system and will maintain or arrange for maintenance of all remote alarm systems. Area alarms are installed and maintained at the expense of the benefiting unit, not Facilities Services.