Grants and Contract Administration

Effective Date: 07/01/95

Policy Statement 10: Expenditures/General

Unallowable Entertainment

Costs of amusement, social activities, entertainment and incidental costs related thereto are not allowed.

Unallowable Honoraria

An honorarium payment is characterized by the primary intent to confer distinction upon an individual. Payments of this nature are generally not allowable. The term honoraria should not be used in reference to payment for services of consultants or speakers.

Preaward Costs Specifically Authorized

Such charges will be permitted only in exceptional cases and must be approved by the sponsoring agency. Pre-award cost provisions are not intended to permit transfer of cost overruns to a continuation award.

Space Rental

In some instances a University department, school or center may require rental space to house a sponsored project. Anticipated space rental should be included in the proposed project budget.


Generally stipends for fellows and trainees are permissible only on training or fellowship grants. Individuals working on federal research projects are considered employees and their effort is reflected on the time and effort certification report.