Grants and Contract Administration

Effective Date: 07/01/95

Policy Statement 11: Expenditure/Miscellaneous

Utility Services

Utility costs, such as heat, lights, water and air conditioning are normally recouped through the indirect cost rate and are not considered direct costs.


Grant and contract funds may be used to purchase supplies ordered and delivered on or after the beginning date of the project period. Supplies should be ordered and received sufficiently in advance of the ending date of the project period to be effectively used on the project. Purchases made during the latter part of a project are subject to particular audit scrutiny, and they could result in audit exceptions and cost disallowances.


Travel expenses are allowable if authorized and in direct support of the project. All travel reimbursements, both to University and non-University employees, are subject to state and University travel policies except in those instances where more restrictive policies and limitations may be imposed by the awarding agency.

Foreign Travel

State and federal definitions of foreign travel sometimes differ. The state considers all travel outside the contiguous 48 states to be foreign travel. The federal definition normally is less restrictive and usually excludes Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and U. S. Protectorates from the foreign travel classification. However, for approval purposes, state policy governs.