Grants and Contract Administration

Effective Date: 07/01/95

Policy Statement 16: Budget Revisions


There is considerable variation in sponsor policies relative to approval authorities for budget revisions or budget transfers. Some give the PI/PD almost complete authority to make budget revisions so long as the total amount awarded is not exceeded. Others stipulate that all budget revisions must be approved in writing by the sponsor before they can be put in effect. Accordingly, sponsor agency guidelines and award terms and conditions must be consulted when revisions are contemplated. Obviously if funds in a particular line have been exhausted and additional expenditures are contemplated, a budget revision will be necessary to avoid operating with a deficit. Budget requirements and current line item balances should be periodically analyzed to determine in advance the probable need for budget revisions.

Processing Time

Each request for budget revision should be limited to a single grant, contract, or co-operative agreement. A request for budget transfer should be submitted directly to Grants Administration for action. Routine requests are normally processed within a few days after receipt.

Institutional Prior Approval System

If it is determined by Grants Administration that the requested revision needs to be approved by the Institutional Prior Approval System (Director of Sponsored Programs at ECU) or the sponsor agency, the request will be forwarded by Grants Administration to the Director of OSP, who will take appropriate action. If he has the authority under the Institutional Prior Approval System, he will approve or disapprove the request and return it to Grants Administration. If the Director of OSP feels that approval by the sponsor agency is required, he will forward the request with an appropriate cover letter to the sponsor agency. Any questions regarding the requested revision will be resolved with the PI/PD before the letter and request are sent to the sponsor agency. Upon receiving the sponsor agency's response, the Director of OSP will notify Grants Administration and the PI/PD by sending each a copy of the response.

Agency Approval

When sponsor agency policy requires that all requests for budget revision be approved by the sponsor, forms or format specified by the sponsor will be used. The PI/PD will prepare the request and send it directly to the sponsor agency with an information copy to Grants Administration. Upon receiving the response from the sponsor agency, the PI/PD will send the original to Grants Administration for appropriate action.


Problems or questions relating to budget revisions should be referred to Grants Administration for clarification.