Grants and Contract Administration

Effective Date: 07/01/95, Last Update 11/10

Introduction Statement 1: Introduction


The Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC) is part of the Division of Research and Graduate Studies (RGS). The office is located at Suite 2900, Greenville Centre, 2200 South Charles Boulevard, Campus Mail Stop 211. The main telephone number is 252-328-9530. The fax number is 252-328-0769. Email correspondence may be sent to For additional information also see the OGC website at

Mission Statement

To protect and enhance the reputation of Principal Investigators (PI), Project Directors (PD), and the University to facilitate the growth of sponsored activities. OGC has dual functions: (1) To provide services and support to faculty researchers and campus academic, research, and business units and (2) To monitor and ensure appropriate stewardship of fiscal resources and compliance with University procedures, sponsor regulations and policies, and state and federal audit guidelines. To support this mission, OGC embraces the core values of Education, Quality, Integrity, Service, Collegiality, Responsibility, and Accountability.


OGC is the central Post-Award office for all sponsored projects. OGC is sometimes known as the “grants office”. Sponsored projects include grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, and master agreements from external sources - collectively called “awards”. Sponsored projects may be for research, instruction and training, service, or other activities related to the mission of the University. All sponsored projects funds are designated in the Banner financial accounting system as fund numbers 21xxxx.

OGC works closely with the other institutional offices related to award compliance management. For additional information see the RGS website at

OGC works closely with all of the Administration & Finance offices in managing and monitoring the financial activities of sponsored projects. For additional information see the Administration & Finance website at and the Financial Services website at

OGC provides comprehensive Post-Award oversight and support to ECU to ensure that sponsored program funds are utilized in a manner consistent with university, sponsor, state, and federal guidelines.
For all sponsored projects - OGC provides fund creation in the Banner accounting system, authorizes budgets and revised budgets, pre-approves some cost transactions, monitors costs for allowability, manages the time and effort system, approves HR action forms, approves cost transfers, invoices sponsors and coordinates revenue collection, submits financial reports and countersigns and submits other financial correspondence to sponsors, performs award/fund closeout activities, and performs other service and financial compliance functions related to awards management. OGC is the “Division/Fund Source” signatory for financial transaction documents requiring Division/Fund approval.

OGC provides guidance to PIs, faculty, and staff on the utilization of awarded funds and serves in coordination with other campus offices to provide oversight of sponsored program activities. OGC provides training programs and materials on post-award management topics.
OGC is the primary contact and the official University signatory for all financial reports, financial correspondence, and audits related to sponsored projects.

Policy Priority

Sponsored projects are normally awarded to East Carolina University and not to the PI/PD or to a specific department. Therefore, it is the responsibility of ECU, through the Office of Grants and Contracts, to expend these funds within the guidelines of the sponsoring agency. Where ECU has a policy in an area not addressed by the sponsoring agency or where the ECU policy is more restrictive than the agency policy, the ECU policy governs. The most restrictive policy (sponsor or ECU) will apply for financial transactions and activities on sponsored projects.


Contact OGC for clarification/assistance/approval, when policy or procedural provisions appear unclear or incomplete for a specific award or situation. Each campus department has a designated OGC staff representative. The OGC representative will provide assistance for all Post-Award matters. The OGC staff assignment listing is on the OGC website