Grants and Contract Administration

Effective Date: 07/01/95

Policy Statement 6: Consultant Travel

Combined Payment of Fee and Travel Allowance

University policy permits both professional fees and travel expenses to be combined in one payment to consultants. This is the preferred method of handling such payments, providing the sponsor agency permits the processing of such payments in this manner and providing that the travel allowance and associated allowances can be reasonably estimated. Where travel allowances are to be included with the consultant fee, the award budget should include such travel allowances under the object classification "consultant fees" rather than under the "travel" object classification.

Separate Travel Reimbursement

In those cases where an awarding agency, or project requirements dictate the consultant travel to be considered part of the travel budget line item, the normal reimbursement request (FAS 025) must be filed and processed through the normal University channels prescribed for travel.

Contingency Funds or Reserves

These are not allowable, unless specifically authorized by the awarding agency.