Grants and Contract Administration

Effective Date: 07/01/95

Policy Statement 8: Salaries and Wages

Time And Effort Certifications Required

Salaries and wages are allowable as a direct cost to the extent that they are reasonable and conform to the established University salary and wage policy. Amounts charged to contracts and grants are based upon the University payroll. After-the-fact time and effort certifications are also required by the federal government (and in many cases, other agencies) to sustain the distribution of effort for professional and staff members. See Statement regarding federal time and effort certification requirements.

Specific Authorization Required for Overtime

Overtime or extra pay for professional personnel is not permitted. Overtime for non-professional personnel is allowable only to the extent approved by the awarding agency. The Office of Grants Administration should be notified immediately of any situation or emergency which may require significant overtime. In cases of salaries charged partly to grant or contract funds and partly to institution funds, overtime premium costs must be apportioned in the same ratio as the funding sources.

Budgeted Rates

Salary and wage rates contained in a proposal, including projected increases, are budgetary figures. All personnel commitments are handled in conformity with established University salary and wage policies. Budgetary data contained in a proposal does not in any way supersede such policies.