Reviewed / Updated: 3/19/07

Policy Statement 14: Clinical Support Services (CSS)

Effective November 1, 1998, the North Carolina General Statute 116-40.6 excepted employees of the Medical Faculty Practice Plan at East Carolina University (ECU), formerly designated as employees subject to the personnel act (SPA), from Chapter 126 of the General Statutes; except Article 5-Political Activity, Article 6-EEO, Article 7-Privacy Act, and Article 14-"Whistleblower" Protection. NCGS 116-40.6 authorizes the ECU Board of Trustees to adopt policies and procedures governing the terms and conditions of employment for these employees. The Board is directed to establish procedures that effectively promote the hiring and retention of capable, diligent, and effective career state employees. In broad terms, the Board is authorized to establish a human resources system (to be named "Clinical Support Services" - CSS) that meets the needs of CSS, so that it may remain competitive and responsive in the health care marketplace. Support staff for ECU Physicians are usually designated as Clinical Support Services (CSS) staff in contrast to staff subject to the State Personnel Act (SPA). SPA staff are more often associated with the administrative, research and educational missions of the School of Medicine. In order to be designated as CSS, more than 50% of an employee’s duties must be clinically oriented and in support of the practice plan. The application for and acceptance of a CSS position, which is acknowledged in writing by every employee, confirms understanding of certain differences in policy between the two groups. CSS employees, and the clinics they support, may be considered more similar to private medical practice clinics than to traditional state office positions.

Various policy changes have been, and will continue to be, developed to enhance the recruitment and retention efforts of the Clinical Support Services system. Any CSS policies found within the Human Resources section of this Business Manual will be designated as such, as they apply to employees whose positions have been designated as CSS. All other SPA policies will remain in effect until such time as a new CSS policy is developed to address the specific issue.

Refer to the Clinical Support Services (CSS) Employee Handbook for current approved CSS policies.