Effective Date: 03/14/01

Policy Statement 15: Information Processing


The Department of Human Resources, Information Processing Services is responsible for the development, organization, implementation, evaluation and management of all new, on-going, and projected Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Personnel Management Information System (PMIS), Personnel Data File (PDF), PC, and mainframe data processing functions as well as benefit transaction and remittance processing for all benefit deductions provided through the University.

The Information Processing Services staff provides a number of customer related services to the University campus to ensure data integrity and compliance for system regulations for state, federal and University policies and procedures.


  1. Serve as a liaison to the University on modifications, enhancements, and maintenance of system requirements for the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and Personnel Management Information System (PMIS).

  2. Enter all EPA and SPA personnel/payroll data and position data to ensure appropriate pay and benefit deductions for each semi-monthly payroll. This data includes the processing of all One Forms, Special Pay Requests, account code changes, address changes, name changes, Continuing Education and Distance Education Request forms, licensures and certifications, credit card holders, etc. Web address for the One Form is - follow instructions as indicated for PC or MAC. For One Form instructions please contact your division office or the Information Processing Services.

  3. Enter all benefit transactions for employee deductions, reconciliation and bill remittances for one health insurance plan, two dental plans, State Retirement, four Optional Retirement programs (ORP's), Dependent Care and Medical Reimbursements programs, Vision Care, Long Term Care, TIAA Disability, Credit unions (ECU & State), United Way, Jefferson Pilot Insurance, SEANC, Investors Consolidate Insurance, Union Dues, Bonds, Supplemental Retirement Annuities (SRA's, 401(K), Deferred Compensation (457), etc.

  4. Automate, streamline, and reengineer paperwork processes to provide value-added services to our customers. Serving as a consultant and a provider of essential data processing services.

  5. Coordinate and implement Legislative Increases and, when granted, any merit increases authorized by the General Assembly for SPA and Clinical Support System (CSS) employees.

  6. Serve as a member of the project team to coordinate Human Resource functions for the Personnel Data File (PDF) as required by UNC-General Administration to determine information enhancements to ensure adherence to UNC-GA requirements, federal regulations and University pursuits.

  7. Respond to all verification requests for loan applications.

  8. Provide personnel information based on requests as allowed by the Public Information Act.