Information Technology & Computing Services

Effective Date: 10/31/07

Introduction Statement: General Information

General Information

Information Technology & Computing Services (ITCS) is the central department charged with the management, integration, and support of all computer-based services including data communications and telecommunications for the University community. For important reasons such as the cost-effective sharing of data, information accuracy and integrity, security, less redundancy of data, and confidentiality of information, the general policy at East Carolina University is that all members of the University should have their computer-related services coordinated through ITCS.

Above all, ITCS is a service organization with the main emphasis placed on providing quality service to the University's students, faculty, and administrators.


Information services at East Carolina University are administered by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) who reports to the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance. The CIO chairs the Information Resources Coordinating Council (IRCC), which is appointed by the Chancellor, and approves campus-wide information policies. The Administrative Computing Committee is a subcommittee of the IRCC and provides guidance and prioritization for administrative computing projects. The Faculty Information Technology Committee reports to the Faculty Senate and provides faculty input to campus-wide information policies. The Information Systems Steering Committee in the Brody School of Medicine (BSOM) provides guidance on information issues pertaining to the BSOM. The Clinical Information Systems Steering Committee does the same for clinical systems issues.


The administrative office for ITCS is in the Cotanche Building. All phone numbers for employees of ITCS can be found in the campus directory under Information Technology & Computing Services.