Information Technology and Computing Services

Effective Date: 10/31/07

Policy Statement 2: Software Development Services (Administrative Computing)

General Information

Administrative applications are software systems and services designed to support the academic and administrative functions of the University. These consist of enterprise (mainframe-based), client-server and web-based applications designed to help administrators and faculty members do their jobs better. Specific applications will be covered below. Central computing processors (servers) are available on the administrative network and can be accessed from all departments on campus. Support is also available, on a limited basis, for departmental microcomputing applications. The campus phone directory has numbers listed for personnel in administrative computing Software Development Services.

Specific Applications

These are the major administrative applications available for staff use at the University. If you wish for more information about an individual system, call ITCS at 328-6401 and you will be referred to the appropriate area.


The PirateID is a way of protecting data. Each administrative user will have a unique PirateID that will be deleted when no longer needed or used. Under no circumstances will one PirateID be given to an entire department.


All PirateID'S will also have a password that will be known only by the individual using the ID. Passwords are a second security step to protect the integrity of the systems.

Scheduling /Receiving Jobs

Production Control in the Cotanche Building is responsible for scheduling jobs to be run on the computers in ITCS. Most jobs are scheduled automatically since they run on a regular basis. Other runs may be requested by completing the Special Run Request form. Most batch jobs will be run during the evening shifts. Job output can be picked up at the Input/Output window, located on the first floor of the Cotanche Building.

Opscan Processing

Opscan requests may be turned in at Austin 103.

Printing on Special Forms

ITCS purchases standard computer paper for printed reports. If a department has a need for reports on special forms, ITCS must be involved in the programming effort and form's design before the forms are ordered. ITCS is not responsible for the cost of special forms.


Putting reports on microfiche in order to save on paper is very cost- effective and efficient. Production Control will forward tapes to the appropriate vendor for this purpose.

Charges for Service

Most services are provided to state-funded departments without charge. The exceptions are special forms, parts to repair computer equipment, and communications equipment. Auxiliary units will be charged for services.

Request for Software Development

Requests for new applications software or modifications of an existing system must be made via the "Request for Service" web application found on the ITCS web site or ECU OneStop.

Applications Software Development

The methodologies and procedures for software development are outlined in the ITCS Standards Manual.

Establishing Priorities for Development

There are several different project development teams that develop software. The manager of each group may elect to complete small modifications that can be worked into the existing schedule without impacting the overall systems development plan. Other requests will be prioritized by one of the University administrative subcommittees including the Administrative Computing Committee. The committee will also review systems development to make certain that projects stay on schedule.