Information Technology & Computing Services

Effective Date: 10/31/07

Policy Statement 4: Information Technology Services

General Information

Information Technology Services (ITS) supports the University's Enterprise computing environment. This environment is comprised of mainframes, mid-frames, high performance computers, servers and data network infrastructure. ITS' mission is to provide a high speed and robust environment to the Univesity. It is the responsibility of this team to research new technologies and discover ways to implement them on a Campus-Wide scale as it correlates to the University's production and academic missions.

IT Services' Components

IT Services is subdivided into three teams:

  1. ITS Systems

    This group supports the University's mission critical mainframes and servers. This group's primary focus is providing a stable computational platform for the University. Capacity planning, system utilization, and assistance with complex program problems are all facents of the activities for the members of this group.

  2. ITS Network Engineering

    This group supports the University's High Speed Data Network. This network encompasses approximately 7500 end nodes and spans the East and West Campuses. Research into new networking technologies is a key component in the designing of ECU's Next Generation Network. The major goals for this group are as follows:

  3. ITS Network Analysis

    This group provides second tier support for networking issues as well as software support for the Infrastructure Team. Major responsibilities for the team are: