Motor Fleet Management

Effective Date: 11/06/00
Updated: 09/02/08

Procedure Statement 1:
Motor Fleet Management - General Procedures

General Information

The Central Motor Pool is part of The Department of Parking and Transportation Services, which is an auxiliary service of East Carolina University. The department is within the Division of Administration and Finance and reports to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance. The Central Motor Pool's mission is to coordinate Motor Pool transportation resources to all departments' faculty and staff in a timely and efficient manner.


The Central Motor Pool's objective is to manage and maintain Motor Fleet Management vehicles as an efficient transportation service for use by faculty and staff on University business.

General Use Policy

When travel by car is determined to be feasible, Motor Fleet vehicles, when available, should be used instead of a private car.

Official Business

State-owned vehicles shall be used for official State business only. G.S. 14-247; private use of publicly owned vehicles: "It shall be unlawful for any officer, agent, or employee of the State of North Carolina, or any county or any institution or agency of the State, to use for any private purpose whatsoever any motor vehicle of any type or description whatsoever belonging to the State."

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is provided for all drivers of MFM-owned vehicles only. The coverage is in the amount of $150,000 combined single limit per person and $5 million aggregate per accident.

Motor Pool Vehicles

Vehicles operated by the Central Motor Pool consist of passenger sedans and minivans. They may be rented at the following rates:


$23.40 - $27 per day
(up to 60 miles per day)

  or $.39/mile - .$.45/mile for 61 miles and over


$25.60 per day
(up to 60 miles per day)
  or .$.42/mile for 61 miles and over

Vehicles are charged at the daily rate unless miles exceed 60 per day. For travel 61 miles or greater, the per-mile fee is calculated. ECU Central Motor Pool charges .05 cents above the NC Dept. of Administration vehicle rate.


Central Motor Pool Office is located in the Parking and Transportation Services building located at 305 East 10th Street. The Motor Pool parking lot is located west of the Allied Health Sciences Building on Charles Boulevard.


Reservations should be made in advance by authorized department personnel. You may inquire by phone as to the availability of a motor pool vehicle; however, reservations must be made in writing by E-mail or fax. Reservation requests must include: driver, destination, departure/return dates and times, department name and account code. An Electronic Reservation can be located on the web at

Mileage Charges

Departments using a vehicle from the Motor Pool will be billed on a monthly basis. The trip mileage will be calculated according to vehicle rate. A department charge form will be sent to each department for verification prior to submitting an Electronic Transfer via the Comptroller's Office.

Vehicle Check Out

Vehicles are checked out from the Motor Pool Dispatcher at the Parking and Transportation Services Building, 305 E. Tenth Street. Reservations generally begin at 12:01 a.m. and end at 11:59p.m..

Vehicle assignments requiring early morning departure or weekend departure must check out vehicle packets between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on the preceding workday.

Gasoline and Other Expenses

Expenditures for gasoline are included in the mileage charge. During times of travel, if gasoline purchases or oil purchases are needed, they should be made at State locations whenever possible. These locations are listed in the Motor Fleet Management Regulations Manual located in the glove compartment of each vehicle. Approved credit cards and gas justification forms are also in the glove compartment of each vehicle. These cards must only be used for the vehicle to which they are assigned.


Reporting of accidents shall be in compliance with all local and state ordinances. Reporting procedures are detailed in the Motor Fleet Management handbook.

Additional Information

Additional information on Motor Fleet Management vehicle insurance, accident reporting, and claims filing is contained in the "Guide to Insurance and Risk Management at East Carolina University."