Mail Services

Reviewed and Revised Date: 03/17/09

Introduction Statement 1: Mail Services

General Information

University Mail Services is a service department devoted to the University community. This operation is an auxiliary service of University Printing and Graphics, and reports to the Director of University Printing and Graphics.

Postal Director Responsibilities

The Postal Director has overall administrative responsibilities for the daily operation of the Mail Services. Specific duties include:

  1. Interpreting and applying both Federal and University rules and regulations as they apply to the daily operation of Mail Service.

  2. Recruiting, selection, and training of all postal personnel.

  3. Developing and implementing policies related to the daily postal operation.

  4. Serving as a liaison between the University and Federal Postal Service.


Mail Services' primary goal is to provide complete mail service to the University through the following activities:

  1. Provide interoffice or Campus Mail service to all departments on the East and West campuses.

  2. Receive all United States Post Office mail for the East and West campus community.

  3. Meter and dispatch all outgoing U.S. Mail for the East and West campus community.

  4. Receive and dispatch U.S. Mail for resident students and organizations.

  5. Receive and dispatch State Courier mail for the East and West campus community.

  6. Provide U. S. Postal Merchandise for sale, through an official USPS contract window.


It is the intent of this section to acquaint University departments with services offered by this department as well as discuss ways in which departments can assist the Mail Services in meeting its responsibilities to the University community.


East Campus Mail Services is located in the Warehouse facility on Founders Drive. The entrance to Mail Services is off the "back" of the building, near Slay Residence Hall. West Campus mail is managed through The Brody School of Medicine mail room, located in Brody GE-90.


Any questions pertaining to Mail Services or its responsibilities will be answered by mail services staff at 328-6091, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.