Mail Services

Reviewed and Revised Date: 03/17/09

Policy Statement 1: Interoffice Mail

Weekday Deliveries

Mail Services provides an Interoffice Campus Mail service to all departments on campus. Postal personnel pickup and deliver mail to all departments on weekdays.

Mail going to another University office is placed in an Interoffice Mail envelope. These items are then delivered to the addressee at no charge to the sender. Interoffice Mail envelopes can be obtained from the University Mail Service. Recycling of suitable envelopes is encouraged.


Use of Mail Stop Codes

Interoffice Mail should be addressed using Mail Stop Codes rather than building room numbers. Interoffice mail should be addressed with the individual's name, department, and mail stop number. Mail stop numbers for individuals can be found by looking in your e-mail program address book. It is listed under the "company" field.

Student Mail

Mail Services strives to provide a complete postal service for all resident students. Each department can mail to resident students without applying postage.

Campus Courier Service

Mail Services provides a campus courier for the delivery of confidential and time sensitive material. Courier service hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. To request courier service, contact Mail Services at 328-6091. NOTE: this service is being discontinued effective April 1, 2009.