Mail Services

Revised Date: 08/20/08

Policy Statement 4: Solicitation Mailings


  1. University-registered Organizations and Departments

    University-registered organizations (student clubs) and University departments are permitted to use ECU Mail Services for the purpose of distributing mass mailings to campus departments and student mailboxes without charge, with the stipulation that mailing materials relate to the mission or purpose of the university organization. Non-business solicitation, such as advertising for club social activities, is restricted to two mailings per semester. Solicitation which is sent via the U.S. Postal Service with proper postage is exempt from these policies.

  2. Commercial Solicitation

    Mass mailings of commercial solicitation via campus mail by any off-campus entity or commercial business must be approved in advance and pay a per-piece fee. It is the responsibility of the agency or business to secure approval. The university reserves the right not to approve items for mailing based upon the content or subject matter of items to be distributed, including solicitation which may conflict with existing partnerships or contracts with the university. Solicitation which is sent via the U.S. Postal Service with proper postage is exempt from these policies.

  3. Approval Procedure

    1. A Request for Mail Services form should be obtained at University Printing & Graphics, 2612 E. Tenth Street. A downloadable file is available online:

    2. Materials to be mailed to students must be approved in advance by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Life, 113 Spilman Building, or designee.

    3. Materials to be mailed to staff, faculty, or departments must be approved in advance by the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance - Business Services, 224 Ragsdale Hall, or designee.

    4. Upon approval, the Request for Mail Services, and applicable payment, must be submitted no less than two (2) working days prior to the requested delivery date.

      Any questions on the approval or request process should be directed to University Printing and Graphics / Mail Services, (252) 737-1301.

  4. Fees

    Since University Mail Services is a state-funded, university service department devoted to serving the educational mission and business functions of the university, a fee will be charged to all non-university, for profit organizations or companies using the campus mail services. A handling fee of .15 cents per piece for single-page documents or postcards, or .25 cents per piece for multi-page documents will be charged for all non-university commercial solicitation mailings according to the fee schedule based on the current number of residence hall students, staff, etc. A schedule of current fees is available from University Printing and Graphics, 2612 E. 10th Street. Fees do not include labeling or individual addressing.

    Labeling and imprinting addresses on mailing pieces is a service available to ECU departments and organizations through University Printing and Graphics. Please call (252) 737-1301 for more information, as certain restrictions apply.

  5. Misuse of Campus Mail

    Frauduently obtaining mailing labels or misuse of the campus mail system by or for any organization, non-university entity or business, or failure to comply with set procedures, may forfeit future use of university mail services for solicitation purposes, with the exeption of postage-paid U.S. Mail.