Mail Services

Effective Date: 11/03/00

Procedure Statement 2: Outgoing Mail

Placement of Address

The proper place for an address is in the lower right portion of the address area; postage (stamps, meter stamps or permit imprints) in the upper right-hand corner; and return address of the sender in the upper left-hand corner.

Address Content

United States Mail

The address of all outgoing U.S. Mail must contain the following information:

  1. Name of the addressee

  2. Street address or post office box number

  3. City

  4. State

  5. Zip Code

  6. Return address

Address Format

To speed automated mail sorting, envelopes should be addressed in the following manner with the address in all capitals without punctuation:



There should be a maximum of two spaces after the state abbreviation. This process saves time with machines that are now sorting mail.

All outgoing U.S. mail should have a return address containing the same above information as it applies to the sending University department. The return address must contain the name of the University department.

Properly prepare all outgoing mail prior to your office's pickup/delivery time. The campus mail carriers will not pick up mail that has not been properly prepared.

Permit Imprints Available

Use of Permit Imprints

The use of permit imprints on preprinted envelopes enables the sender to prepare volume mailings and pay postage without affixing postage to each piece of mail. The use of permit imprints is available through the University Postal Service:

  1. First Class - Permit #110

  2. Second Class - Second Class Privilege

  3. Third Class Mail (Nonprofit Rate) - Permit #110

  4. Business Reply Mail - Permit #581

Items of mail sent under permit imprints must meet requirements of the rate classification for the permit imprint as well as the requirements for use of permit imprints. Refer to the User's guide for information on rate classifications.

Nonprofit Rate Requirements

The University is authorized to mail at the special Third Class rate for qualified nonprofit organizations only. In addition, it may not delegate or lend the use of this permit to any other person, organization or association, whether "University-related" or not. Communications being prepared for mailing on the University nonprofit status must be an integral part of the University's own business. When planning a mailing for nonprofit, qualify the material first by calling the Postal Director at 328-6091.

Departmental Requirements

Departments must meet the following requirements when using and preparing permit imprint mail:

  1. Have a minimum number of pieces in size and weight.

    1. First Class Mail: 500 Pieces
    2. Second Class Mail: 300 Pieces
    3. Third Class Mail: 200 Pieces
    4. Business Reply Mail: No Minimum

  2. Insure that permit imprints are clearly and properly applied to each individual piece of mail.

  3. Properly address each piece of mail and separate in zip code order.

  4. Notify Postal Director of the estimated size of mailing and when available for pick-up. Bulk mailings are required to be ready in the mornings for same day delivery to U.S. Post Office.

  5. University Printing and Graphics, mailing services division, is available for campus mailings. Fee-based services include mailing list consolidation, direct imprint of address or labeling, reduced-rate postage if applicable, and delivery to U.S. Post Office.


Contact the University Printing and Graphics, Mailing Division for exact instructions before preparing permit imprints, (252) 737-1301.