Parking and Transportation Services

Effective Date: 07/02/03

Introduction Statement 1: Parking and Transportation Services

General Information

The Department of Parking and Transportation Services is an auxiliary service of East Carolina University. The department is within the Division of Administration & Finance, and the Director reports to the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Operations. The department's mission is to conduct all business involving parking and traffic on the campus of East Carolina University. The University Parking and Traffic Regulations, with authority vested by the NC General Statute 116.44.4, is the legal document for all parking and traffic operations. Additionally, the East Carolina University Parking & Traffic Ordinance approved by the East Carolina University Board of Trustees, effective July 1, 2003, supplements the Motor Vehicle Laws of North Carolina.


The department is responsible for the registration and identification of all vehicles operated by staff, faculty, students, and visitors who park on University property. The department has the responsibility to assist the University community with planning and management of guest/conference parking and special event parking. The department is also responsible for enforcement of University parking and traffic regulations which supplement North Carolina Motor Vehicle Laws, and for the collection of parking fines incurred when violations of the regulations occur. The department administers a Citation Appeal Board, which provides an adjudication system for students, staff, faculty, and visitors who have received parking citations.The department operates a low-band radio station for the purpose of broadcasting parking and traffic information pertinent to the campus. The department administers and directs the activities of the University Central Motor Pool.


Parking and Transportation Services is located at 305 East 10th Street. " "