Parking and Transportation Services

Effective Date: 07/02/03

Policy Statement 1: General Policies


Pursuant to authority vested by North Carolina General Statutes, Chapter 116-44.4, the Board of Trustees of East Carolina University adopts the Ordinance Governing Traffic, Parking and the Registration of Motor Vehicles on the campus of East Carolina University. †These regulations are intended to supplement North Carolina Motor Vehicle Laws, all provisions of which, under the terms of the above statute, now apply to the campus of East Carolina University.† From the date of filing a copy of these regulations in the office of the Secretary of State and providing the appropriate signs, they shall apply to and be in effect on the streets, roads, alleys, sidewalks, walkways, parking spaces, parking areas, and parking lots on all parts of the campus of East Carolina University.

Use of Funds

Funds which accrue from vehicle registration, violation fines, and parking meters shall be used for administrative and enforcement costs; for developing, maintaining, and supervising parking areas and facilities; for securing revenue bonds for parking facilities; and for other purposes and equipment deemed necessary to carry out the Parking and Traffic program at the University.

Methods of Payment

Fees owed to Parking and Transportation Services may be made by the following methods: