Parking and Transportation Services

Effective Date: 07/02/03

Policy Statement 3: Parking Permits

Parking Permits

Registration of motor vehicles shall be accomplished as an integral part of University registration or employment. Upon application by staff or faculty, and upon the payment of a motor vehicle registration fee, Parking and Transportation Services shall issue a serially numbered registration permit which must be displayed on the vehicle to which it was issued. Display instructions are printed and included with each parking permit. Vehicle registration permits are issued for the academic year beginning each July 1 through June 30.

Staff and faculty to whom a motor vehicle parking permit is issued shall be responsible for parking violations of the vehicle for which the permit is issued.

Additional Permits

When only one member of a family is employed or is a student at the University, the employee or student must register his or her primary use vehicle. Up to four vehicles may be registered against one permit, providing all vehicles are registered to the employee or student or their spouse, parent, or guardian. When two or more members of a family are employed or enrolled at the University, each vehicle must be registered as a primary use vehicle and the full registration fee paid.

Replacement Permits

Replacement for valid permits or hangtags will be obtained at Parking and Transportation Services. Remnants indicating total destruction of the valid permit or hangtag must be turned in to entitle the registrant to a replacement at the replacement fee. If total destruction is not indicated, replacement will be at the additional permit fee.

Responsibility for parking violations involving a vehicle displaying a valid permit not turned in belongs to the original registrant.

Temporary Permits

Temporary parking permits are available from Parking and Transportation Services at the appropriate fee. Temporary permits are required whenever vehicles, which are currently registered, are not available to the registrant. Temporary permits are also required for vehicles operated by individuals who are hired on a temporary basis when their length of employment will not justify the purchase of an annual parking permit.

Courtesy Permits

University department heads whose offices are not located on the core campus may apply for, and be issued, up to three (3) Courtesy Parking Permits to be controlled within the individual department. These permits are to be utilized by individuals in the course of departmental or University business while using their personal vehicles. The Courtesy Parking Permit shall not be used by employees or students in lieu of a valid University parking permit. Individuals utilizing the Courtesy Parking Permit in their personal vehicles must have the vehicle registered with the Department of Parking & Transportation Services and display a valid Zone B or C permit. The Courtesy Parking Permit is valid in all parking zones, Service/Maintenance and state-owned spaces. The Courtesy Permit is valid in metered and loading zones for the length of the posted metered or loading zone time limit.

Special Event Permits

University departments may apply for and be issued special use permits for various departmental parking needs involving off campus participants attending meetings, workshops, seminars, camps, and conferences. This practice is required in an effort to prevent receipt of parking tickets by participants. The department will be charged a fee for permits of this type.

Disability Permits

A disabled person as defined by G.S. 20-37.5 and 111.11 may apply to the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles for issuance of a distinguishing plate or placard. ECU Disability parking permits are available to individuals who have been issued, by their state Division of Motor Vehicles, a ìdistinguished license plateî or a ìdistinguishing removable hangtagî that displays the International Symbol of Access. Upon application, individuals must present the DMV registration card for the distinguishing license plate or hangtag for verification. Vehicles utilizing disability parking spaces on campus are required to display State Motor Vehicle distinguishing identification and either the University disability permit or visitor-parking pass. Recipients of the plate or placard may apply and be issued a University disability-parking permit after review and approval by the ECU disability committee and pay a registration fee. Employees and students who are temporarily disabled may be issued special permits. An application with a physicianís certification indicating the type of injury or temporary disability and expected length of disability must be submitted to the Department of Parking and Transportation Services.

Vendor Permits

Individuals and business firms who conduct business on the campus may be issued parking permits and pay the appropriate fee.

All contractors must contact Parking and Transportation Services prior to starting work to determine locations for the parking of those vehicles necessary to carry on the work. Permits are required for all contractor vehicles.

Freshmen Permits

Any student living in the residence hall who has 24 or less credit hours must purchase a freshman parking permit (Zone D) and may not park on campus, except as permitted in the traffic ordinance Section and Article II, Section 5. Parking is authorized in the freshmen parking area located on Dickinson Ave. Such parking will be designated by the Director of Transportation Services or his designee and marked with appropriate signage. Such students are not permitted to park a vehicle on campus except from 4:00 p.m. Friday until 12:00 midnight Sunday, and on University holidays when classes are not held and only in those parking areas designated by the Director for Transportation Services. During the times that they are permitted to park vehicles, freshmen may park vehicles in metered areas near the residence halls for the purpose of loading and unloading only, provided the parking meter has been activated by insertion of the appropriate coin. The Director of Transportation Services or his designee is authorized to make exceptions to the restrictions specified in this Section under unusual circumstances.

Motorcycle Permits

Individuals enrolled or employed with the University and operating a motorcycle are required to register the vehicle with Parking and Transportation Services, pay a registration fee, and display a valid parking permit. Specific motorcycle parking is provided in areas of the campus. Motorcycles are restricted to areas specifically designated as Motorcycle parking. They are prohibited from parking in spaces designated for automobiles and bicycles.

Bicycle Permits

ECU students and employees who operate a bicycle on campus property are required to register the bicycle with Parking and Transportation Services and display a valid bicycle permit. Bicycle parking is located throughout the campus and is designated by the presence of bicycle racks or specifically designated parking areas.

Temporarily Disabled Permits

Employees and students who are temporarily disabled may be issued special permits. An application with a physicianís certification indicating the type of injury or temporary disability and expected length of disability must be submitted to the Department of Parking and Transportation Services.

Illegal Use of Permits

It is unlawful for any person to produce or cause to be produced, to alter or to display without the authority of the Director of Parking and Transportation Services, any parking permit or decal indicating eligibility to park; to falsify information for the purpose of obtaining a parking permit; to park for their convenience a vehicle bearing a permit to which they are not entitled; or to display a permit not issued to the specific vehicle to which it was registered.

Such permits shall be confiscated; no refund will be issued; vehicle in violation shall be towed; and campus parking privileges will be suspended for one calendar year. Violator will be responsible for a fine for illegal use of a permit.


Parking permits are sold on an annual basis to employees and students. A prorated refund is issued for the unused portion to those individuals who turn in the remnants to Parking and Transportation Services indicating total destruction prior to the first day of class of the Spring Semester.

Lost or Stolen Permits

Lost or stolen parking permits must be reported immediately to Parking and Transportation Services. An affidavit must be filed with the University Police for permits that have been stolen. Upon filing, the stolen permit will be replaced at no additional fee.

Permits that have been lost or misplaced must be replaced for an additional permit fee.