Parking and Transportation Services

Effective Date: 07/02/03

Policy Statement 4: Violations

Parking Fines

Drivers not complying with parking and traffic regulations, as set forth by the ECU Parking and Traffic Ordinance and adopted by the Board of Trustees, are subject to assessment of the appropriate penalty fees.

Parking Citation

The campus parking citation, which is left on the offending vehicle, indicates the type of violation, the amount of the fine, and the address where the fine must be paid.

Failure to pay parking fines within 10 calendar days from the date of the citation(s) will result in a $5.00 late fee being assessed for each unpaid citation.

Moving Violation Citation

University traffic citations issued for moving violations, which include Stop Sign, One Way Street, Exceeding Safe Speed, Careless and Reckless, Illegal Left Turn, and Unsafe Movement, must be paid within 72 hours (3 days) of the date of the ticket. University Police have the option to issue a campus citation or a uniform state citation for any of the above violations. Because of the seriousness of the violation, if the campus violation is not paid within 72 hours, a uniform state traffic citation may be issued to the operator of the offending vehicle. The issuance of the state citation requires the individual to pay the fine at the Magistrate's Office or appear in District Court.

Collection of Fines

Fines for parking violations are collected by Parking and Transportation Services. Fines may be paid in person, via U.S. or campus mail.

University records of individuals with outstanding fines are tagged. Tags are not removed until the fines are satisfied. An individual's ability to register for class or obtain the release of transcripts will be prevented because of unpaid fines. Parking and Transportation Services participates in the NC Department of Revenue's Set-Off Debt Collection program. This program allows state income tax refunds to be returned to the University for payment of outstanding debts owed by employees. Individuals with outstanding debts to Parking and Transportation Services may have those debts garnished from their state tax refunds.


Vehicles with three or more uncleared parking fines are automatically added to the scofflaw list and towed and impounded whenever found parked on campus. When parking fines have been paid, the vehicle is removed from the scofflaw list.


Any vehicle parked in violation of the ECU Parking and Traffic Regulations and/or presenting a traffic or safety hazard may be towed at the owner's expense. Unauthorized vehicles are towed from disabled and fire zones.

Suspension of Privileges

Parking and Transportation Services is authorized to suspend or revoke campus parking privileges, not to exceed one calendar year for the following reasons: (1) individual has received three violations of the ECU Parking and Traffic Regulations within a period of twelve months; (2) individual has falsified information for the purpose of obtaining a parking permit; (3) individual has parked for his convenience a vehicle bearing a permit to which he is not entitled; (4) individual has displayed a permit not issued to the specific vehicle; and (5) individual has altered, reproduced, or defaced a parking permit.

State Vehicles

Deans and departmental chairpersons are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all state-owned vehicles under their supervision comply with the provisions of the ECU Parking and Traffic Regulations. They are responsible for ensuring that fines, towing, and storage charges levied against said vehicles are paid.

State vehicles are authorized to park only in spaces designated as "State-Owned Vehicles" or "University-Owned Vehicles". When space is not available on the main campus, state or University-owned vehicles may park in the Central Motor Pool lot at Allied Health.

Park and Ride Service

Lack of parking is not an excuse to park illegally; therefore, if spaces are not available for registered vehicles, those vehicles must use alternative parking located at or adjacent to Minges Coliseum and Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. ECU Transit provides rapid shuttle service from these parking lots to the bus stop at Christenbury Memorial Gym and Joyner Library every ten minutes beginning at 7:30 a.m., Monday through Friday, during fall and spring semesters.