Effective Date: 07/01/00

Policy Statement 2: Payroll Checks - Distribution


All SPA (Staff) employees (subject to the State Personnel Act), EPA employees (exempt from the State Personnel Act), and student workers (self-help and work-study) are paid monthly. All SPA and EPA are paid on the 15th and the last working day of the month for services performed during that pay period. All student workers are paid on the 15th and the last working day of the month for services performed during the previous semi-monthly.


On payday, payroll checks and direct payroll deposit notices are picked up by Mail Services and distributed to the individual departments. The departments distribute the checks to the employees.

Missing Payroll Checks

When an expected payroll check appears to be missing from the checks delivered to the department the Payroll Department should be contacted. There are many reasons why a check may not have been issued or distributed, such as the delinquent submissions of time sheets or personnel actions, etc.

Unearned Payroll Checks

If an employee is not entitled to a payroll check or direct deposit notice, the Department Personnel-Payroll Representative must return it immediately to the Payroll Department. An incorrect payroll check must never be held by the department. The Payroll Department must cancel the check or direct deposit notice and credit the budget source and the employees earnings history.

Departmental Distribution of Checks and Direct Deposit Notices

Schools, departments, and divisions should establish internal procedures to control checks and direct deposit notices for distribution to their employees. The procedures should include:

  1. Verification of checks and direct deposit notices received from the Payroll Department

  2. Safekeeping of checks before distributing to the employee. Checks should not be left in areas open to student, staff and faculty traffic. Checks should be secured in a locked file cabinet or vault when the individual responsible for distribution does not have the checks under their control.

  3. Anyone that is responsible for student data entry should not be responsible for the distribution of the checks and direct deposit notices.

Undeliverable Payroll Checks

If a payroll check cannot be distributed to the payee, it should be kept in a secure place while attempting delivery. If the department is unable to deliver the check or to keep it secure while attempting delivery, the check should be returned to the Payroll Department for safekeeping. Undelivered payroll checks should be returned to the Payroll Department within thirty (30) days after issuance.

Report Lost or Stolen Checks

If a payroll check is stolen or lost, the departmental payroll representative or the employee to whom the check was drawn should contact the Payroll Department immediately.


The employee must sign an affidavit in the presence of a Notary Public before a replacement check can be issued.

Stop Payment

After the Payroll Department acquires the necessary information a Stop Payment Notice on the lost or stolen check is issued to the State Treasurer's Office. If the payroll check is found before the stop payment action has been put into effect, the Payroll Department must be contacted so the Stop Payment Notice can be cancelled.

Employee Notified

After the Payroll Department is notified by the State Treasurer that the stop payment action has been put into effect, a check is issued to the employee.

Replacement Check

Under normal conditions approximately 5-7 days elapse before a replacement check is issued.