Effective Date: 07/01/00

Policy Statement 5: Direct Payroll Deposits


Direct payroll deposit service is available to all EPA and SPA (staff) employees of the University. This service enables the University to deposit automatically a participating employee's net pay to either a checking or savings account (not both). Such deposits are available in the participant's checking or savings account as of the opening of bank business (9:00 a.m.) on each established University payday.

Direct Payroll Deposit Statements

In lieu of a paycheck, on payday each participant receives a direct payroll deposit statement indicating the net pay which has been deposited. This statement is similar to a paycheck showing the same information that a check stub provides.

Implementing Direct Deposit

Upon submission of the completed Direct Payroll Deposit Authorization to the Payroll Department, the following time frame must be allowed before direct payroll deposit will be started:

Direct Payroll Deposit Authorizations received by the first working day of the month will be in effect on the 15th of the month; and those received by the 16th will take effect on the last working day of the month.


Changes (such as a change in bank accounts) are requested with a Direct Payroll Deposit Authorization, containing the new information.


Direct Payroll Deposit may be canceled by submitting a Direct Payroll Deposit Authorization form indicating cancellation. The cancellation will be effective on the next Payroll processed after receipt of the form.