Effective Date: 07/01/00

Procedure Statement 1: Forms W-4 and NC-4

Procedure Description

The Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificates (W-4 and NC-4) are used to indicate the number of personal allowances (Federal and State) and the additional amount of Federal and State withholding to be deducted.

Completing Forms W-4 and NC-4

Print or type the name and address clearly. Enter the social security number exactly as it appears on the social security card.

The W-4 and NC-4 forms should be dated and signed before they are sent to the Payroll Department.

Additional Withholding

To increase the amount of withholding for Federal or State tax to an amount greater than the amount based on the number of exemptions claimed, the employee must enter the specific additional dollar amount to be withheld each pay period in the appropriate block on the W-4 and NC-4 forms.

To change the amount of additional withholding, an employee must complete and submit new W-4 and NC-4 forms.