ECU Police Department

Effective Date: 09/01/00

Introduction Statement 1: ECU Police Department

General Information

The East Carolina University Police Department is a service organization to the university community. The department's primary mission is to provide a safe and secure environment while supporting the university in its daily function of carrying on educational, research, athletic and business activities. We believe the campus community should be fully informed of crimes that have occurred on campus and be made aware of campus guidelines and policies for maintaining a safe and secure environment. The ECU Police Department is committed to the philosophy of community oriented policing. Our goal is to develop a more effective police/community partnership in problem solving and in jointly addressing crime and safety concerns that affect the campus community as a whole. The community and the police have embraced this form of policing and are working together to make the ECU campus community a safe place in which to live, learn and work.


The ECU Police Department will acquaint departments with its services and will develop partnerships to assist in meeting its safety and security responsibilities to the university community.


The main offices of the ECU Police Department are located in the Blount House at 609 East Tenth Street. Other police extension offices are located at 602 East Tenth Street and at the Brody School of Medicine in GE-39.