ECU Police Department

Effective Date: 09/01/00

Introduction Statement 2: Organizational Responsibilities

Chief's Office

The ECU Police Chief has the overall responsibility for police, security, and safety operations at East Carolina University. Specific duties include the following:

For additional information, contact the Chief of Police's Office at 328-6617.

Administrative Division

The administrative offices of the ECU Police Department monitor university crime prevention, incident investigations, records, Joyner Library guards, budgeting and payroll.

Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention is a specialized unit that addresses public safety issues with the university community. This program is based upon the concepts of eliminating or minimizing criminal opportunities, and encouraging the university community to be responsible for their individual security as well as the security of others. The crime prevention officer and the residence hall liaison officers provide programs to the campus community which focus on reducing the possibility or threat of becoming victims of crime. Programs and educational seminars include topics such as bicycle security, personal security and self defense, alcohol abuse, and personal property security. The crime prevention officer is responsible for overseeing the Residence Hall Liaison program and the SAFE (Staff And Faculty Eyes) Community Watch program and for conducting residence hall and building security surveys. This unit is also involved in recruitment of new officers.


The department maintains an investigative section that is responsible for follow-up investigations on all reported felony criminal cases and other serious misdemeanors that are not solved by the patrol officer. The investigator is specially trained in the area of criminal investigation, such as rape and sexual assaults, domestic violence, interview and interrogation, drugs, computer crimes and fraud. Background investigations for police employees are assigned to the investigative division. The investigator is the property clerk for the department and is responsible for all items turned over to ECU Police whether lost/found, recovered, or evidence.

Joyner Library Guards

The Joyner Library Guards are civilian personnel who are responsible for overall security of the east campus library. They provide security coverage to discourage and prevent theft and vandalism of library property. This is accomplished by foot patrols throughout the library and by monitoring security cameras. Escorts are provided to staff and patrons.

Support Services

Support Services of the ECU Police Department include three civilian staff members and one police officer. The duties and responsibilities include police records, web page maintenance, budgeting, purchasing, inventory, and payroll.

Patrol Division

The Police Department actively patrols 24 hours per day, seven days per week for both east and west campuses. It is believed that high visibility of uniformed police officers is an effective deterrent to criminal activity. The officers are committed to community policing and believe their relationships and partnerships with the students, faculty and staff has made the campus a safer place to live, work, and learn.

To obtain general information or conduct non-emergency business, call 328-6787.

East Campus Patrol

East campus of East Carolina University is patrolled by four shifts of six to eight officers who work on rotating shifts. Each shift is comprised of one lieutenant, one sergeant and four patrol officers. These four to six officers patrol campus by bike, foot or vehicle.

West Campus Patrol

Patrol officers, who also work on rotating shifts, police west campus, Brody School of Medicine.

The following services are provided to both east and west campuses:

ECU Police Officers must complete the same basic law enforcement training required of all municipal, county, and state police officers in North Carolina. The training consists of over 700 hours classroom and practical exercises designed to prepare the officer for the duties of a sworn police officer. In addition, ECU Police Officers are required to attend annually new and recurring training such as firearms, legal updates, first aid and CPR, emergency vehicle operations, investigations, etc.

Bike Patrol

The bicycle program began in 1993 with two officers assigned to the bike unit. The unit has grown to fifteen bikes and ten officers who ride year round. The bicycles allow officers to patrol in a stealthy manner, enhancing the opportunity to observe criminal activity, and subsequently arrest offenders. However, the bikes also allow officers to provide a visible police presence in many areas not easily accessible by patrol vehicles. By not being confined to a patrol vehicle, bike officers are able to interact with the public in a more personal manner. This interaction enhances the relationship between the police and the community and it makes a positive impact. The department, along with the Student Government Association, has purchased both Trek and Cannondale bicycles. Officers must complete police cyclist training.


On east campus, the telecommunication unit is comprised of four rotating shifts that compliment the patrol unit. Their duties and responsibilities include computer aided dispatch, radio and telephone communications, monitoring of emergency, fire, intrusion and panic alarms, monitoring of security cameras located in various parking lots, providing assistance to visitors to the campus, providing after hours notification for staff on call, and providing parking information and parking passes after hours.

For emergency services, call 911 if on east campus, 328-6150 if off campus and 816-2246 if on west campus.

To conduct non-emergency business, call 328-6787.