ECU Police Department

Effective Date: 09/01/00

Procedure Statement 1: University Police Procedures

Reporting Crimes

The cooperation of private citizens in reporting suspicious or criminal activity on campus is essential to the work of the University Police. Reports may be made by dialing the University Police Emergency line at 911 (campus phones only) or by using one of the many blue light emergency phones on campus. Persons not wishing to be identified to the police may file a report by simply reporting what happened, where it happened, when it happened and who was involved. The police department can also be notified anonymously through the departmental website at and then by clicking on the "Crime Tips" option.


Possession of a weapon, whether openly or concealed while on university property is in violation of state law for anyone except law enforcement personnel, unless it is used as a part of a school.

Medical Assistance

If any person needs medical assistance while on campus, call 911. The Greenville Rescue Squad will be notified and provide transportation to Student Health Services or Pitt County Memorial Hospital.


If fire or smoke is detected in any of the University buildings or on the grounds, please call 911.

Bomb Threats

Upon report of a bomb threat, the University police will search the building. The ECU Police Chief will determine if evacuation will be initiated.

Automobile/Bicycle Accidents

Any type of automobile/bicycle accident that occurs on the grounds of the University should be reported to the University Police for investigation. An officer will investigate the accident and complete a standard traffic accident form, which is sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Raleigh. If required for insurance purposes, copies of accident reports are available through the Police Records Office by calling 328-1971.

911 - Emergency On-Campus

The university telephone system has a 911 function, which directly rings into the ECU Police Department. The dispatcher is provided with the caller ID which identifies the telephone number and location of the call. All individuals using telephones on campus can use the ECU Police Department 911 number for emergency services. The non-emergency number is 328-6150.

Off Campus

A centralized emergency communications system for all residents in Pitt County is provided through the Pitt County 911. All people dialing 911 using telephones off campus will reach the County 911 center. The County 911 center will direct emergency calls to ECU Police, however it is recommended that all persons dial the department directly at 328-6150.