ECU Police Department

Effective Date: 09/01/00

Procedure Statement 2: Emergency Operations Plans for Multi-hazards


It is the goal of the University to assure that each member of the community is provided with a safe educational environment. This plan is not all encompassing, but provides specific procedures to be followed during emergency situations. As the department responsible for emergency management on campus, we have solicited the assistance of University officials and local emergency agencies in the preparation of this plan. However, all the planning and coordination is ineffective without the cooperation of all members in the University community.

We ask all members of the University community to familiarize themselves with this plan. We further recommend that University officials establish and publish appropriate emergency guidelines for their assigned areas. Division plans should be coordinated with and kept on file at the Environmental Health and Safety Office. Division plans should be developed to compliment this campus-wide emergency procedure. With the cooperation of each member of the East Carolina University community, every opportunity for the protection of life and property will be readily available.

Statement of Purpose

The East Carolina University Emergency Operations Plan for Multi-hazards is designed to provide for the maximum safety of the University community in the event of a physical disaster.