Posting, Sales, and Solicitation

Effective Date: 05/13/02

Introduction Statement 1: Posting, Sales, and Solicitation


This policy is adopted to formalize the University's procedures for posting notices, announcements, materials, etc. throughout the Campus and selling and soliciting articles on Campus.

Recognizing that its support derives in large part from public funds, East Carolina University is committed to making its facilities as readily available for posting notices, announcements, materials, etc. by all groups and individuals as is consistent with its educational mission; its duties as a custodian of state resources; and its responsibility to consider the welfare of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Practical as well as legal considerations dictate the formulation and publication of a written policy detailing the conditions of such availability. The intent of the document that follows is not to place unreasonable restrictions on posting but rather to provide for procedures on a basis that is both clearly defined and in the best interest of each of the constituencies to whom East Carolina University is obligated by law and tradition.