Posting, Sales, and Solicitation

Effective Date: 05/13/02

Policy Statement 1: General Posting Policy


The laws of the State of North Carolina govern use of University facilities. Policies and guidelines have been established to ensure compliance with these laws, consistent application, and the orderly use of facilities within the resources and mission of the University. University facilities exist to accomplish the educational objectives and programs of the University. As such, the University has established this policy regarding the manner and location for posting printed materials on Campus. Any posted material not complying with this policy may be removed and discarded upon discovery.

Bulletin Boards:

  1. Posting on Official Bulletin Boards:

    Only official announcements of the University and required posted materials (i.e. FLSA Wage and Hour Policies, EEO Policies, ECU Substance Abuse Policy, etc.) may be posted on an official bulletin board.

  2. Posting on Departmental Bulletin Boards:

    Each University department is responsible for establishing necessary policy, procedure, guidelines, etc. to determine what printed material is considered official by the department and shall be posted on their respective departmental bulletin board(s). Likewise, the University department is responsible for the monitoring and removal of printed materials posted on their respective departmental bulletin boards. The University department should post the policy and a departmental contact on each departmental bulletin board.

  3. Posting on General Use Bulletin Boards:

    University affiliated organizations, student clubs and organizations, individuals, non-University affiliated organizations, and co-sponsored non-University affiliated organizations may post printed materials on general use bulletin boards pursuant to the restrictions noted below.

    The size of the printed material should not cover more than 25% of the size of the bulletin board and should be no larger than 11 inches by 17 inches. Printed material should not extend beyond the frame of the general use bulletin board. No more than one printed material item for the same event or purpose may be placed on the same general use bulletin board.

    All printed materials related to an event should be removed when the event is over.

    All printed materials posted should display the date of posting.

    The maximum allowable time for any printed material to be displayed is two weeks or fourteen days.

    All printed materials posted on a general use bulletin board shall be removed and discarded in the month following the end of each semester and at the end of the second summer term i.e. December, May, and July by Housekeeping Services regardless of the date of posting.

    A list of locations of general use bulletin boards is available at the Information Desk in Mendenhall Student Center. Student Leadership Development Office will maintain the list of locations of general use bulletin boards.

  4. Posting Restrictions

    Printed materials posted in violation of this policy shall be removed and discarded without prior notice.

    1. Printed materials shall not be

      1. nailed, tacked, stapled, or in any way attached to any tree, shrub, or any wooden surface on Campus such as bulletin board frames, doors, etc.,

      2. placed in or on any vehicle on Campus,

      3. taped or in any way attached to any painted or glass surface inside or outside any building on Campus (varnish or shellac are considered paints),

      4. nailed, tacked, stapled, or in any way attached to any surface other than an identified general use bulletin board.

    2. Printed materials in compliance with this policy may be posted in University Residence Halls with the written prior approval of the Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Residence Life. All residence hall bulletin boards are either official bulletin boards or departmental bulletin boards. There are no general use bulletin boards in the residence halls.

    3. Printed materials in compliance with this policy may be posted in University Dining Facilities with the written prior approval of the Director of Dining Services.

    4. Printed materials in compliance with this policy may be posted in Mendenhall Student Center with the written prior approval of the Mendenhall Central Reservations Office.

    5. Any printed material regarding the promotion for sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

    6. Advertising for commercial (i.e. profit-making) purposes by businesses, organizations, entities, and individuals not associated with the University is prohibited. Nothing in this provision prevents advertising in student publications such as student newspaper.

    7. The University reserves the right to remove and discard without prior notice any printed material posted in violation of law, including but not limited to obscenity laws. Such determination will be made by the University Attorney.

    8. Distribution of free copies of non-University publications.

      1. The distribution of free copies of non-University publications shall be limited to the following areas on the University Campus:

        • Wright Plaza/Student Stores
        • Mendenhall Student Center
        • Student Recreation Center
        • Bate Building
        • Todd Dining Hall
        • Croatan Dining Hall
        • Brewster Building

      2. An individual or group distributing free copies of non-University publications is required to provide an appropriate rack at each distribution point. Each rack shall meet University, state, and federal fire, insurance, and health code regulations. The individual or group is responsible for the condition and maintaining the contents of the rack.

      3. Failure to provide or maintain proper racks shall be cause for revocation of on Campus distribution privileges. Copies of a publication found on Campus in violation of this policy shall be subject to automatic removal and disposal without prior notice.

    9. Markings on walkways, roadways, or any permanent structures on Campus with chalk, paint, or any other material is prohibited.


  1. Banners include any items such as flags, handbills, posters, etc., that are in excess of forty inches on either side.

  2. Banners may be displayed on the Mall, the concrete staircase leading to Jones Residence Hall, the treed area at the bottom of College Hill Drive, and the area between Erwin Hall and Garrett Residence Hall.

  3. Individuals or organizations responsible for displaying banners, posters, handbills, etc., shall be responsible for removing the banner twenty-four (24) hours after an event.


In making its general use bulletin boards available for use under this policy to non-University affiliated organizations or individuals, the University assumes no obligation or responsibility for the information posted on the general use bulletin boards or the activities of the organization, its members, individuals, or the program. Further, the University reminds all parties to be aware of and comply with applicable laws, including, but not limited to those concerning safety, defamation, and obscenity.