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Updated: 12/30/10

Policy Statement 3: Beverage Exclusivity

  1. Introduction Statement

    1. General Information

      Effective January 1, 2011 and running through December 31, 2020, in accordance with the sponsorship agreement between Coca-Cola Bottlers Consolidated and East Carolina University, only beverages distributed by the Coca-Cola Bottlers Consolidated will be sold or distributed on the East Carolina University campus. This includes all soft drinks, juice, and bottled water sold in vending machines, in the dining halls and campus cafes, and served at all university-sponsored functions such as athletic events.

    2. Definitions

      Within the sponsorship agreement, ECU grants to Coca-Cola Bottlers Consolidated exclusive beverage sponsorship and exclusive product availability rights.

      Beverages included in this sponsorship agreement are carbonated drinks and all drinks or beverage bases from which such drinks and beverages could be prepared. It also includes flavored, unflavored and/or sweetened mineral water, natural or artificially flavored fruit juices, fruit and/or juice-containing drinks and fruit flavored drinks, cold tea products and isotonic drinks. Beverages not covered under this contract include milk, flavored milk, freshly-brewed coffee, freshly-brewed tea, hot chocolate, and all alcoholic beverages. Sideline isotonic drinks and supplements used by the University's athletic teams for varsity intercollegiate athletes are excluded from the policy. Any products used for academic research or medically-related patient care are also expressly excluded from this policy.

    3. Assistance

      Questions regarding policies or decisions which may be affected by the Coca-Cola contract should be directed to the Director of Auxiliary Services, (252) 737-1301.

  2. Policy Statements
    1. Beverages on Campus

      East Carolina University has entered into a campus-wide sponsorship agreement with the Coca-Cola Bottlers Consolidated contractually requiring that only their products will be sold, dispensed, or promoted on the ECU campus. Campus wide exclusivity is defined as all dining halls, all campus cafes, all athletic events, all vending locations and other auxiliaries not here mentioned. Off-campus purchase and consumption of soft drinks, bottle water, juice, and isotonic drinks for personal use are not covered under this agreement.

      Only products available through the Coca-Cola Bottlers Consolidated will be sold, dispensed or served at East Carolina University. No other competitive products will be allowed, with the exception of a minimal number of catered events where the non-university affliliated customer expresses a preference for a bottled product; beverage for performers or participants at University performance venues; or for a minimal number of non-university affliliated special events where an alternate preference is so requested. A request for exception must be made in writing to the Director of Auxiliary Services, Harris Building, Mail Stop 215, whenever a competing product is requested. In addition, any request to distribute beverages free-of-charge, must be approved in advance by ECU Dining Services.

    2. Beverage Company Banners and Signs

      No permanent or temporary advertising, signage, or trademark visibility for any competitive product will be authorized for display anywhere within the university, including locker rooms and players' benches. An exception will be made in those cases where a special event (non-university related) is sponsored by a competing beverage company or where an existing contract remains in effect. In those cases, temporary banners or other signage may be hung; scoreboard messages may appear; and/or public address announcements may be made with respect to the competitive product, but the competing beverage company would not be allowed to dispense or vend its product. These include events that are targeted to the local and regional population and do not necessarily target ECU students. Any events held on campus for the benefit of the students should only dispense products by the contracted vendor, the Coca-Cola Bottlers Consolidated.

      Any questions should be directed to the Director of Auxiliary Services, (252) 737-1301.