Property (Real)

Effective Date: 01/06/06

Policy Statement 2: Relocation of University Property

Procedure Reference

Review policies on University Insurance Coverages and Removal of University Equipment from Campus.

Personal Use

It is University policy that personal use of State or University-owned/leased equipment, supplies or materials is prohibited either on or off campus. All equipment, supplies or materials acquired by the State or the University are considered to be State/University owned. Questions regarding this policy should be addressed to the Director of Materials Management.

Off-Campus Use

Any time faculty or staff members or other authorized persons take University-owned property off campus an Equipment Tracking Form should be completed with the appropriate Department Head originator granting permission for this property to be moved to an off-campus location. This form indicates the period of time the property is to be off campus, a justification, ECU tag #, if appropriate, and the description of the specific items involved.

If this property is to be off campus for over a week, this form should be sent to the Fixed Assets office. This form can be accessed by going to the Fixed Assets webpage listed on the Materials Management Department website.

Permission for removal of University-owned property can be granted only for University business and not for personal use. Departments who are taking a list of equipment off-campus for use in field projects, may attach a list to the Equipment Tracking Form and state “Per Attached”. The same process can be utilized for equipment (example: laptop computer) checked out to faculty on an annual basis.

If the Department chair is requesting to take State Property off campus, the next in authority would sign the Equipment Tracking Form granting permission.