Risk Management

Effective Date: 01/22/09


Section Contents

Introduction Statements

  1. Risk Management Introduction

Policy Statements

  1. Buildings and Contents Insurance

  2. All-Risk Insurance on Specific Equipment

  3. Vehicle Insurance

  4. Use of Vehicles for Insurance Purposes

  5. Rental Vehicles and Policies

  6. Bonding and Cash Losses

  7. Personal Losses

  8. Personal Liability Protection

  9. Optional Liability Protection

  10. Relocation of University-owned Property to an Off-campus Site

Procedure Statements

  1. Reporting Building and/or Contents Claims

  2. Reporting Motor Vehicle Accident and Comprehensive Claims

  3. Reporting Loss of University Cash or Securities

  4. Authorization for Driving Record Verification


  1. Vehicle Accident Reporting Form (VAR-1)

  2. Vehicle Accident Reporting Form (VAR-2)

  3. Authorization for Driving Record Verification (DRV-1)