Risk Management

Effective Date: 07/01/95

Policy Statement 10: Relocation of University Property

Personal Use

It is University policy that personal use of State or University-owned or leased equipment, supplies, or materials is prohibited either on or off-campus. All equipment, supplies, or materials acquired by the State or University are considered to be State/University owned.

Questions regarding this policy should be addressed to the Director of Materials Management.

Off-Campus Use

Any time faculty or staff members or other authorized persons take University-owned or leased property to their homes or to other locations, it is necessary for a contractual agreement to be executed granting permission for this property to be moved to an off-campus location. (Forms for this purpose will be available from the University Property Office.) This contractual agreement indicates the period of time the property is to be off campus, the location, a description of the specific item(s) involved.