Risk Management

Effective Date: 07/01/95

Policy Statement 4: Use of Vehicles for Insurance

Student Organization Use

All use of State/University vehicles by any affiliated student group or organization is strictly prohibited. Activities of these organizations are not considered to be University business.

Use of Vehicles by Students and Others

If for some administratively-approved reason, a student group or any non-State employee operates a State/University vehicle on University business or other activity, he/she is to be advised that neither the State of North Carolina nor East Carolina University provides coverage for personal medical expenses incurred as a result of his/her operation of the vehicle. Since this person is not a State employee, he/she is not covered by our Worker's Compensation and he/she does not come within the scope of the Bodily Injury coverage portion of the State's auto liability insurance. (However, the liability insurance coverage would apply for bodily injuries to others and the damage of property of others just the same as if the driver were a State employee. In this case, the University runs the risk that the insurance company might take action against the University for allowing a non-employee to drive an official vehicle.)


University students and other persons may travel as passengers in State/University vehicles only on official University business. If a passenger were to be injured, he/she would be provided Bodily Injury and Property damage coverage only if the driver of our State/University vehicle was found to be responsible for the occurrence. If another vehicle was involved and the other party was found to be responsible, the other party's insurance should provide the Bodily Injury and Property Damage Coverage for all persons riding in our vehicle.

Department Heads are to take notice of this exclusion of coverage with regard to students and others. Also, any student or others who are potential drivers or passengers are also to be made aware of their exposure before being allowed to enter a State/University vehicle.