Risk Management

Effective Date: 07/01/95

Policy Statement 8: Personal Liability Protection

Employee Coverage

All employees of East Carolina University are insured under a policy of personal liability insurance designed to pay specified types of judgements which might be rendered against them as a consequence of conduct undertaken within the course and scope of their employment. The policy requires that the insuring company be notified of a potential claim within a reasonable length of time after the University learns of it. Failure to provide timely notice may result in forfeiture of the insurance protection.


Any employee learning of a potential claim should notify the University Attorney in person or by telephone immediately. The University Attorney will provide written notice to the insurance company via the State's Agent of Record, the Risk Management Section of the University Property Office, and to the appropriate person in General Administration.

Notice of Procedure Change

When notice has been given concerning a particular dispute under one of these procedures and the complaint subsequently invokes an additional or different procedure, notice should be given of that new action to the Risk Management Section and the University Attorney.