Risk Management

Effective Date: 07/01/95

Procedure Statement 2: Reporting Motor Vehicle Accidents

General Policies and Procedures

Call the Police, Sheriff, or Highway Patrol when a Motor Fleet or University-owned vehicle is involved in an accident. Form VAR-1 must be filed for any accident involving these vehicles. Accidents involving personal injury or property damage in excess of $500 require immediate law enforcement notification of the owner. If a State/University vehicle strikes a parked or unattended vehicle, notification must be made within 48 hours. If personal injury is involved, the Traveler's Insurance Company must also be notified immediately. University employees who are injured while driving on the job may file claims under Worker's Compensation.

If a State/University-owned vehicle must be repaired away from Greenville, prior authorization is required from either Materials Management (for University-owned vehicles) or from Motor Fleet Management in Raleigh, whichever is applicable. Estimates may be required from up to three vendors, obtained by the responsible department.

The University department to which the University-owned vehicle is assigned may be responsible for the cost of the repairs to that vehicle.

Reporting the Accident

In the event of an accident involving either a Motor Fleet or University-owned vehicle, follow these procedures:

Filing Estimates for Repairs

The University will attempt to collect for damages to University vehicles in all instances where the damage is believed, or clearly determined, not to be the responsibility of the University employee. If you believe the accident is not your fault, your department must secure two estimates of the damage to the University vehicle, and deliver the estimates to the Risk Management Section as soon as possible. These estimates will be used in insurance claims against the other party. Estimates should be from garages in Greenville, when possible. Departments may wish to consult with the ECU Garage facilities for advice on local garages and body shops.

In those cases where efforts to obtain other reimbursement for the damages from another party prove to be unsuccessful, or are clearly not the other party's responsibility, the cost of repairing the vehicle will become the responsibility of the department to whom the vehicle is assigned at the time of the accident. These costs will be charged to funds budgeted to this department.

If the other party involved in the accident believes it was your fault, advise him/her to secure two estimates of the damages from garages of his/her choosing, and submit them to Environmental Health and Safety for forwarding to the appropriate agency for consideration. The claims adjuster will then contact the other party on the behalf of East Carolina University. If the accident was clearly our driver's fault, and there is specifically-requested physical damage insurance coverage on the State/University vehicle, the Risk Management Section needs two repair estimates. The damage to the University vehicle should be reported to the Risk Management Office using the VAR-1 form.

Please note: The University department to which the damaged vehicle is assigned absorbs the cost of all repairs in those cases where the University cannot collect the cost of repair from the other party.

Those departments that have chosen to pay for collision insurance should submit two written estimates to the Risk Management Section of the University Property Office for forwarding to the insurance company.

Special Case

When two University-owned/Motor Fleet Management vehicles are involved in an accident with each other, a VAR-1 must still be completed and filed. In these cases, Traveler's Insurance will not pay for your vehicle damages. Therefore, the responsibility for repairs to each vehicle is that of the department using the vehicle(s), unless a third non-State party is involved and proven to be responsible for the accident. In an accident involving two University or Motor Fleet Management vehicles, injuries to State employees are to be filed under Worker's Compensation. Other bodily injuries will be handled by Traveler's Insurance.

Please use form VAR-2, Motor Vehicle Loss Report, for reporting physical damage losses occurring to both University-owned and Motor Fleet, from causes other than a collision (example: fire, theft, glass breakage, windstorm, hail, flying objects, vandalism, and malicious mischief).

University-owned vehicles can be insured for physical damage coverage at actual cash value through Traveler's Insurance Company under Policy #TRCAP104T 6800, which renews each year on July 1. Each incident is subject to a deductible, which is the responsibility of the department to which the vehicle is assigned.

Motor Fleet Management is self-insured for comprehensive losses to their vehicles. Consult the Motor Fleet Management handbook for additional information.

Comprehensive Loss Reporting

Please follow these procedures for reporting a comprehensive (other than collision) loss to a University-owned or Motor Fleet vehicle: