Risk Management

Effective Date: 07/01/95

Procedure Statement 4: Authorization for Driving Record Verification

Procedure for Requesting Driving Record Verification

The University Vehicle Operator Policy requires that all operators of University vehicles submit to a driving record verification

  1. annually for all vehicle operators whose jobs require vehicle operation; or

  2. within the probationary period for all new hires whose jobs require vehicle operation; or

  3. each semester for all student employees whose jobs require vehicle operation; or

  4. prior to each occasional vehicle use for those employees who only occasionally use a University vehicle (example: an instructor who schedules vehicle use once or twice per year to attend professional meetings);

prior to receiving authorization to operate a University vehicle.

The vehicle operator/employee is to complete the information requested on the DRV-1 form and sign the form authorizing a driving record verification. The supervisor or department head is also required to sign the form. The supervisor/department head will then forward the form to the East Carolina University Police for driving record verification. ECU Police will forward the response to the supervisor/department head designated on the form.

It is the supervisor's responsibility for requesting driving record verifications and evaluating driving records using the University Vehicle Operator Policy.